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Tree Prunning for a happy and healthy tree


Tree pruning in Albuquerque is a thorough process that covers much more than a tree's aesthetic look. Professional tree trimming includes removing any deadwood and making selected cuts to eliminate poorly structured growth, such as branches that rub against each other and branches that grow down, rather than up. Pruning can also include thinning the inner growth to allow more air and light into the canopy's center. The ultimate purpose of pruning is to improve the tree's structure, habit, and balance, in order to improve its general health. The additional aesthetic appeal is just an additional benefit! 

What is Tree Trimming?

Professional tree trimming is a different tree care than pruning. Although similar, tree trimming helps to reduce uneven branch development or foliage that is pressing against a wall or structure. Trimming can also raise the canopy over a sidewalk or roadway for added safety. It's more of a fine-tuning of a tree's form and natural development, similar to cutting your hair to balance it out.

Tree Pruning by crane in albuquerque
Tree Trimming truck with lift

Why Use a Professional Tree Trimming Company?

Professional tree care is an acquired expertise that requires skilled teaching and meticulous attention to detail. There are many different types of trees in New Mexico and tree specialists are continually learning and polishing their strategies to efficiently trim and prune the various trees in the area. The proprietors of American Tree Services & Landscaping in Albuquerque have over 20 years of combined experience in the tree industry. They have the knowledge and skills to keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy. The following are some of the extra advantages of professionally managed trees:

  • Improved tree health 

  • Pest and disease resistance

  • Increased stability and strength to help decrease storm damage on your property, landscape, and structures. 

  • Increased property value by contributing to your home's charm and curbside appeal. Property value will rise as the trees develop and contribute to the property's charm.

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