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American Tree Services is a local New Mexican business founded in 2015 by Albuquerque Arborists and brothers, Bil and Daniel Talavera. The two men were best friends growing up and shared a common love for trees. They both worked with other local tree experts in Albuquerque until they became certified arborists themselves. Always striving for excellence by providing knowledgeable, top-notch service to all their clients, Bil and Daniel, with their trusted team behind them, built the best tree services company in Albuquerque. 

Sadly, the company suffered a huge loss in 2021 with the passing of Daniel's brother, Bil. Today, Daniel makes it his mission to help carry out his and his brother's plans to build and grow a reputable company that takes care of their customers and employees, alike. 

Today, American Tree Services has a strong reputation for excellent tree trimming, tree pruning, tree planting, and removal in Albuquerque. Meeting the need for many of their customers, American Tree Services also provides top-notch chainlink fence installation, block wall installation, landscaping including xeriscape, and concrete pouring. 

After Bil's passing, his heart and other valuable organs were donated. To honor Bil's memory, a portion of all of American Tree Service's proceeds go towards assisting families through the transplant process. 


American Tree Services Truck and Crew

A little knock-knock joke for you...



"Who's there?"




"Orange who?"

American Tree Services Crew in Albuquerque

"Orange you glad you called American Tree Services?"

(luckily we're better with trees than jokes)

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