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Tree Removal Albuquerque


Looking for a desert-friendly tree to plant at your Albuquerque home or business?? Contact us now for a free tree planting estimate.

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Healthy Tree Planting

When it comes to enhancing the look of your property, one of the best things you can do is to plant a tree. Trees not only increase your property value, they provide much needed shade, and can help improve environmental conditions. When it comes to planting a tree on your property, it's important to do your research. The wrong type of tree may not grow in the New Mexico environment, or it may use a lot of water, which is not only bad for the environment, it's bad for your pocket. Before you start a tree planting DIY at home, consider saving yourself time, money, and energy by hiring a certified arborist to plant your trees. A Certified Arborist will know exactly what trees to plant, where to plant, and can provide you expert tree care tips. Don't risk planting the wrong tree in the wrong area of your home or business, contact a professional Albuquerque Arborists, like American Tree Services & Landscaping, for all your tree planting needs. 

Why Trust American Tree Services & Landscaping to Plant Your Trees?

The American Tree Service & Landscaping crew is certified to not only perform all of the pruning and tree care you require at your home or business, we're also experts at planting trees. We are a full-service, local Albuquerque tree company that specializes in planting cost-efficient trees for your New Mexico home or business. 

With over two decades in the tree service industry, American Tree Services & Landscaping has the experience to safely plant an environmental friendly tree to your Albuquerque home or business.


So when you need the highest quality professional tree planting services in Albuquerque, call 505-816-8116 and speak to the experts! We will give you a free quote for tree planting and will get the job done right. 

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