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Types of Trees That Grow Well in Santa Fe

Trees are an important part of any ecosystem and they play a vital role in the health of our environment. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, there are a variety of trees that grow well. Below is a list of trees that grow well in Santa Fe, NM:


Autumn Purple Ash

Green Ash



Desert Willow

Golden Rain Tree

Red Maple

Texas Red Bud

Purple Robe Idaho Locust

Shademaster Locust

New Mexico Privet (Desert Olive)

Globe Willow

Navajo Willow

Weeping Willow

Siouxland Cottonless Cottonwood

Noreaster Cottonless Cottonwood

Native Rio Grande Cottonwood

Lombardy Poplar

Bolleana Poplar

Arizona Sycamore

Columbia Sycamore

Lace Bark Elm

Bradford Flowering Pear

Thundercloud Purple leaf Plum

KV Purple leaf Plum


*This list is not exhaustive

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